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SSD1963 bad colors

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PostPosted: Sun May 19, 2019 9:50 pm    Post subject: SSD1963 bad colors Reply with quote

Hi, I use last code and library from this post:
This is "Fast library for SSD1963 LCD" by Mrshilov.

This code "Landscape Test SSD1963.bas" dont work propertly witch my LCD:

Black screen.

But when I program it from this code :

or i Landscape Test SSD1963.bas change initialisation for this:
Sub Ssd1963_init

Cs_disp = 0
Lcd_res = 1
Waitms 50
Lcd_res = 0
Waitms 50
Lcd_res = 1
Waitms 50

Call Ssd1963_select_reg(&He2)                               'PLL multiplier, set PLL clock to 120M
Call Ssd1963_write_data(&H0023)                             'N=0x36 for 6.5M, 0x23 for 10M crystal
Call Ssd1963_write_data(&H0002)
Call Ssd1963_write_data(&H0004)

Call Ssd1963_select_reg(&He0)                               'PLL enable
Call Ssd1963_write_data(&H0001)
Waitms 1
Call Ssd1963_select_reg(&He0)
Call Ssd1963_write_data(&H0003)
Waitms 5
Call Ssd1963_select_reg(&H01)                               'software reset
Waitms 5
Call Ssd1963_select_reg(&He6)                               'PLL setting for PCLK, depends on resolution
Call Ssd1963_write_data(&H0003)
Call Ssd1963_write_data(&H00ff)
Call Ssd1963_write_data(&H00ff)

Call Ssd1963_select_reg(&Hb0)                               'LCD SPECIFICATION
Call Ssd1963_write_data(&H0027)
Call Ssd1963_write_data(&H0000)
Whulp1 = High(hdp)                                          'Set HDP
Call Ssd1963_write_data(whulp1)
Whulp1 = Low(hdp)
Call Ssd1963_write_data(whulp1)
Whulp1 = High(vdp)                                          'Set VDP
Call Ssd1963_write_data(whulp1)
Whulp1 = Low(vdp)
Call Ssd1963_write_data(whulp1)
Call Ssd1963_write_data(&H0000)

Call Ssd1963_select_reg(&Hb4)                               'HSYNC
Whulp1 = High(ht)                                           'Set HT
Call Ssd1963_write_data(whulp1)
Whulp1 = Low(ht)
Call Ssd1963_write_data(whulp1)
Whulp1 = High(hps)                                          'Set HPS
Call Ssd1963_write_data(whulp1)
Whulp1 = Low(hps)
Call Ssd1963_write_data(hpw)                                'Set HPW
Whulp1 = High(lps)                                          'Set LPS
Call Ssd1963_write_data(whulp1)
Whulp1 = Low(lps)
Call Ssd1963_write_data(&H0000)

Call Ssd1963_select_reg(&Hb6)                               'VSYNC
Whulp1 = High(vt)                                           'Set VT
Call Ssd1963_write_data(whulp1)
Whulp1 = Low(vt)
Call Ssd1963_write_data(whulp1)
Whulp1 = High(vps)                                          'Set VPS
Call Ssd1963_write_data(whulp1)
Whulp1 = Low(vps)
Call Ssd1963_write_data(vpw)                                'Set VPW
Whulp1 = High(fps)                                          'Set FPS
Call Ssd1963_write_data(whulp1)
Whulp1 = Low(fps)

Call Ssd1963_select_reg(&Hba)
Call Ssd1963_write_data(&H000f)                             'GPIO[3:0] out 1

Call Ssd1963_select_reg(&Hb8)
Call Ssd1963_write_data(&H0007)                             'GPIO3=input, GPIO[2:0]=output
Call Ssd1963_write_data(&H0001)                             'GPIO0 normal

Call Ssd1963_select_reg(&H08)                               'rotation - Set the read order from frame buffer to the display panel  

'writing from bottom to top
'Call Ssd1963_write_data(&H0000)
'writing from top to bottom
Call Ssd1963_write_data(&H0001)
'writing from right to left
'Call Ssd1963_write_data(&H0077)
'Call Ssd1963_write_data(&H0006)

Call Ssd1963_select_reg(&Hf0)                               'pixel data interface
Call Ssd1963_write_data(&H0003)                             '16-bit (565 format)

Waitms 5

Call Ssd1963_select_reg(&H29)                               'display on

Call Ssd1963_select_reg(&Hd0)
Call Ssd1963_write_data(&H000d)
End Sub

...LCD display correctly direction and orientation (i test onlu portrait mode), but colors are different.

I trying to change bit 3 from register 36 of displays (RGB to BGR) but colors still has wrong, and colors are differend.
For example text witch schould be Red is Black Sad

What can I do more, to LCD colors properly?

PROBLEM RESOLVED...I CHANGE TFT panel data width by register B0:

Call Ssd1963_select_reg(&Hb0)                               'LCD SPECIFICATION
Call Ssd1963_write_data(&H0000)

In my LCD is 18-bit data panel .

(BASCOM-AVR version : )
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