Wednesday, 28 July 2021
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M128LM CPU module

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M128LM CPU module

Price: EUR 49.61

128L is a modern microcontroller with low power consumption and small size, based on an Atmel ATmega128L from the AVR family. It also contains a 128Kb static ram and the necessary circuitry for data retention using either a 3V Lithium battery or a Supercap condenser.

Some models include a pair of 128KB Dataflash memories (Atmel AT45DB011), adding 256kb of data or a4Mb Dataflash memory ( Atmel AT45DB0321), both connected using the SPI bus.An optional socket on the top of the board is available to hold a Multimedia Card with a capacity of between16Mb and 128Mb, also connected using the SPI bus.

The oscillator is a 4 MHz ceramic resonator. If the micro needs to be run at a different speed, it can be accomplished using the calibrated internal RC oscillator at speeds between 1 and 8 MHz. In addition, the user program can also change the clock speed on the fly.

At 4Mhz, the microcontroller can execute a maximum of 4 MIPS, with a good combination of low power consumption and reasonable speed.

The typical Vcc power supply is 3V or 3V3, with low enough power consumption for use in portable equipment. In order to use it at 5V, a voltage regulator is needed and in some cases, adapting/ limiting the voltage on the I/O pins will be necessary. It can directly drive an LCD (which requires a Vcc of 5V) using its I/O port pins .

In custom models, the M128L module can be supplied to work from 5V, and the crystal which is mounted can go up to 16Mhz, executing a maximum of 16 Mips.

Detailed info is here

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