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AVR-DOS Company License (Download version)

Price: EUR 120.94

This product is provided as downloadable without any storage media and is billed without shipping.
AVR-DOS is a FAT16 and FAT32 File system for BASCOM-AVR written by Vögel Franz Josef. MCS Electronics is the authorised reseller for this add-on library.

The library is completely written in AVR-assembler.
The AVR-DOS File system is completely integrated into the compiler

The syntax is completely the same as from QB/VB.
A small example:

Print #1 , "Init File System ... ";

Dim Gbtemp1 As Byte ' scratch byte
= Initfilesystem(1) ' we must init the filesystem once
If Gbtemp1 > 0 Then
Print #1 , "Error " ; Gbtemp1
Print #1 , " OK"
Print "Disksize : " ; Disksize() ' show disk size in bytes
Print "Disk free: " ; Diskfree() ' show free space too
End If

'dim some test variables
Dim S As String * 60 , Fl As String * 12 , Ff As Byte
Dim Sdatetime As String * 18
= "test.txt"
= "test this"

'Now we are getting to it
'We can specify a file handle with #1 or #2 etc. or we can ask for a free
' file handle with the FreeFile function. It will return a free handle if there is one.

= Freefile() ' get a file handle

'With this file handle we refer to a file
Open Fl For Output As #ff ' open fikle for output
' we need to open a file before we can use the file commands
' we open it for OUTPUT, INPUT , APPEND or BINARY
' In this case we open it for OUTPUT because we want to write to the file.
' If the file existed, the file would be overwritten.
Print #ff , S ' print some data
Print #ff , S
Print #ff , S
Print #ff , "A constant" ; S
Testsb Ff
Close #ff

It is simple to creata data loggers, MP3 players etc.

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Customer Reviews:

Behnamzaki  (Saturday, 06 February 2010)
Rating: 5
AVR-DOS change your AVR chip to a mini computer. with this library and MMC lib you can Easy Read & Write on memory cards!
unfortunately i use DEMO version and cant use all of capabilities of AVR-DOS but i thing it is a compact and powerful Operating System.
Bast Regards
Behnam Zakizadeh (بهنام زکی زاده)

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