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  Topic: LGT8F328
Evert :-)

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PostForum: BASCOM-ARDUINO   Posted: Sun May 16, 2021 10:56 am   Subject: LGT8F328
If I was you, don't wait for them and use a real avr , certainly if you are using them in a commercial product.

Reading this [url= ...
  Topic: GUI-O Speed Controller
Evert :-)

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PostForum: Share your working BASCOM-AVR code here   Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2021 9:16 pm   Subject: GUI-O Speed Controller
Cool, very interesting.
Thanks for sharing.
  Topic: Interrupt overflows being missed?
Evert :-)

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PostForum: BASCOM-AVR   Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2021 12:04 pm   Subject: Interrupt overflows being missed?
As if I understand now you are measuring the time between the 2 edges of the pulse to determine the rpm, not the easiest way.
In the calculations you are also using multiply time singles. Using Singl ...
  Topic: Is there a way to know which type is a variable?
Evert :-)

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PostForum: BASCOM-AVR   Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2021 5:18 pm   Subject: Is there a way to know which type is a variable?
var = VARPTR( var2 ) 'A variable to retrieve the address from
var = VARPTR( "var3" ) 'A constant

Take a note of the quotes.

Don't know at what moment you want to ...
  Topic: How to convert several variables into an array of bytes?
Evert :-)

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PostForum: BASCOM-AVR   Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2021 10:02 pm   Subject: How to convert several variables into an array of bytes?
You can OVERLAY the bytes (or other types) over the array

Dim MyAr(100) As Byte
Dim Mybyte1 As byte At MyAr() + &H01 Overlay
Dim Mybyte2 As byte At MyAr() + &H02 O ...
  Topic: MPU-6050 Not sending data
Evert :-)

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PostForum: BASCOM-AVR   Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2020 1:57 pm   Subject: MPU-6050 Not sending data
Hi Snow,

My first reply as electronics engineer is what about voltage levels.
The MPU6050 runs at 3.3V and the M328PB needs at 16Mhz >4.5V.
Do you have a good level convertor for the i2c bus?
  Topic: Serialin buffer
Evert :-)

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PostForum: BASCOM-AVR   Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2020 10:41 pm   Subject: Serialin buffer
Hi Andre,

Here the nice guy from Holland. Wink

It's not that easy to increase the receiver buffer. The data and pointers of the receive buffer are now stored in bytes. Bytes can hold up values to ...
  Topic: Timer controlled movement of RC servo strange
Evert :-)

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PostForum: BASCOM-AVR   Posted: Mon Dec 14, 2020 9:12 pm   Subject: Timer controlled movement of RC servo strange
yes, that is right, but Bascom , as good as it is,
can not handle 18 Rc-Servos at a resolution of one microsecond.

TS is talking about 2 servo's, not 18.
Btw The [url=https://avrhelp.mcse ...
  Topic: tools for Nextion display on Arduino M2560
Evert :-)

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PostForum: Share your working BASCOM-AVR code here   Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2020 10:46 pm   Subject: tools for Nextion display on Arduino M2560
Program compiles fine here.
Maybe you can share the error code because my glass sphere is broken.
  Topic: Kill large number of files
Evert :-)

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PostForum: BASCOM-AVR   Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2020 1:16 pm   Subject: Kill large number of files
Are you using FAT16 or FAT32?

What I remember from the past FAT16 has an higher performance regarding indexing files and therefore working faster with finding the next file location.
However FAT16 ...
  Topic: Timer does not start immediately
Evert :-)

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PostForum: BASCOM-AVR   Posted: Thu Nov 26, 2020 4:51 pm   Subject: Timer does not start immediately
Cpwmfreqsng = Cpwmfreq / 10
Cpwmfreq is in this stage 0.
Dividing zero by 10 will give nothing.

Cpwmfreqsng = Cpwmfreqsng * 3120
Here is Cpwmfreqsng -1560.

Cpwmfreq = Round(cpwmfreqsng&# ...
  Topic: Bootloader being overwritten during program execution?
Evert :-)

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PostForum: BASCOM-AVR   Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2020 10:07 pm   Subject: Bootloader being overwritten during program execution?
Are you using[url=] $loadersize in your main prog to tell the compiler you are using flash space for the bootloader?
  Topic: program is erased from flash
Evert :-)

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PostForum: BASCOM-AVR   Posted: Wed Oct 28, 2020 8:08 pm   Subject: program is erased from flash
You can try placing one of the XMEGA256U in the car without connecting the RS485 bus.
With this you can maybe determine if the flash is erased by "the car" due bad power supply or something like tha ...
  Topic: Printbin #4 limitation
Evert :-)

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PostForum: BASCOM-AVR   Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2020 12:49 pm   Subject: Printbin #4 limitation
Without sample code it's hard to test.
  Topic: MCS Bootloader AVR 168
Evert :-)

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PostForum: BASCOM-AVR   Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 7:46 pm   Subject: MCS Bootloader AVR 168
If you can post your full code it's easier to help you to see if and where the problem is.
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