Tuesday, 05 December 2023
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PS2/AT Mouse and Keyboard Emulator (Download version)
PS2/AT Mouse and Keyboard Emulator (Download version)
EUR 18.09

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USB Product ID

Price: EUR 18.09

When you develop your own USB product you probably do not want to pay 2000$ for a Vendor ID.
Why would you need a VID ? Each USB product requires an unique VID and PID number.
Since the VID is a WORD(2 bytes) there are many possible numbers.

Each of your unique products need a unique PID. This is also a WORD(2 bytes).

Another option is to buy a PID from MCS. Together with the VID you will have a unique combination.
MCS has sold PID's since 2005.
When MCS purchased the VID, there was NO INFORMATION about the usage of the VID-PID.
USB-IF was only focused to get a payment. There were no rules or conditions or a contract.

That changed in June 2009 when USB-ORG wrote an email that it was not permitted to sell VID or PID.
MCS pointed out that in The Netherlands you can not enforce or change rules AFTER a product/service is sold.
So we continued as usual.
In reaction USB-ORG offered our money back but that would mean existing customers would not have a valid PID anymore.
So we got some more letters and finally USB-ORG wrote a letter that they revoked our VID.

Of course our VID can not be re-used by USB-ORG. This means that our VID will still be unique.

If you want to produce a USB device that need to be tested/verified by USB-ORG you need your own VID.
If you only need a real unique VID & PID combination, you can still use ours.
So what we offer is a unique VID & PID combination.

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Customer Reviews:

DatoDavid  (Thursday, 24 June 2021)
Rating: 5
Still going strong in 2021. Received my PID minutes after submitting the order. Highly recommended if you need a single unique PID for your USB device.

CaffeinatedCoder  (Monday, 27 January 2014)
Rating: 5
Awesome! After submitting my order via Paypal, got my very own PIDs immediately assigned. Keep up this great offer and thanks alot!!!

steve34613B  (Tuesday, 06 March 2012)
Rating: 5
FIRST Rate product. Keep up the good work. $2000.00 for a vendor ID is outrageous. So please keep selling your VID and PID and we will still keep buying them.

Steve S.

wlinux  (Thursday, 14 November 2013)
Rating: 5
Keep selling and Keep fighting! is ridiculous, nobody is going to fork over 2 grand for a VID, if they are only going to use 1 PID.

1100F  (Monday, 28 September 2015)
Rating: 5
I completely agree. It is outrageous to want to change the rules of use of a product after the sale.

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EUR 47.19
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