Tuesday, 24 November 2020
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USB <-> Serial Cable
USB <-> Serial Cable
EUR 12.04

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mySmartUSB light

Price: EUR 19.30


  • Plastic box in modern USB stick design, no danger of short circuit    Standard USB controller (SiLabs CP2102) adapted for Windows, Linux, MacOSX
  • 6 pole standard ISP connection
  • STK500v2 or AVR910/911 protocol
  • Very fast because of "double buffering" and auto ISP-Speed-Detect
  • Compatible to AVRStudio, BASCOM,  myAVR Workpad, SiSy AVR and many more
  • Updatable via bootloader
  • Programming voltage 5 V and 3 V (selectable via software)
  • 3 LEDs for status indication (red/green/blue)

  • Only ISP programmer for Atmel AVR microcontroller in USB stick design
  • Many AVR systems can programmed very fast and easy via the USB interface
  • He is extra fast through double buffering and
  • Has auto-ISP-speed
  • There is no danger of short-circuit through open conductor plates because the programmer is in a case
  • Integration in an operation system and the programming software are totaly transparent via a virtual COM port

Power supply:
  • Because of the integrated intelligent module for the power supply you can program systems from 3,3 V until 5 V
  • You can switch the programming power dynamical via software


  • The programmer will be delivered with the firmware STK500 V2 (standard)       
  • You can also put the firmware AVR911 / 910 / 109 as alternative on it
  • The firmware with which the programmer will be delivered has an automatically step-down-mode:
    -> for controller which must be switched to slower clocks under 1 MHz and  which you couldn't activate with the standard ISP speed
  • Updatable because of the preinstalled bootloader
    -> So you can actualize the firmware for new protocols or controller types


  • The myAVR software products support the mySmartUSB light extra efficient
  • He can also be used directly and easy from the AVR studio or with BASCOM and other developments

Driver are available for
  • Windows CE, Windows 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8/ 10
  • Linux
  • MacIntosh OSX


    The programmer will be inserted in the PC or Notebook very easy like an USB stick and so he is supplied with voltage.
    Therefore no external power supply unit (e.g. battery) is necessary for the aim system
    Ideal for notebook users because the programmer don't need a parallel or serial port!

Technical data:

    Supply voltage: 5 V
    Operational current: 10 - 20 mA typical without more users
    until 100 mA by connection with other aim systems
    Operating temperature: 0 - 30 C

Mechanical data:

    Dimensions: 60 mm x 30 mm x 12 mm
    Weight: 12 g
    Grid dimension: 2,54 mm

Scope of delivery:

    USB programmer
    ISP cable, 6 pole (flat cable)
    Product description

Supported protocols:


Supported programmer mode:


Supported controller types (selection):
  • AT90PWM3
  • AT90S1200
  • AT90S2313
  • AT90S2343
  • AT90S4414
  • AT90S4433
  • AT90S8515
  • AT90S8535
  • ATmega103
  • ATmega128
  • ATmega16
  • ATmega161
  • ATmega162
  • ATmega163
  • ATmega164P
  • ATmega168
  • ATmega169
  • ATmega32
  • ATmega324P
  • ATmega328P
  • ATmega329
  • ATmega3290
  • ATmega48
  • ATmega64
  • ATmega644
  • ATmega8
  • ATmega8515
  • ATmega8535
  • ATmega88
  • ATtiny12
  • ATtiny13
  • ATtiny15
  • ATtiny2313
  • ATtiny24
  • ATtiny25
  • ATtiny26
  • ATtiny44
  • ATtiny45
  • ATtiny84
  • ATtiny85

mySmartUSB Driver
mySmartUSB PDF
mySmartUSB PDF Technical
mySmartUSB Commands
mySmartUSB MyAVR support

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