Wednesday, 16 October 2019
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Publications about BASCOM
  Links to magazine articles about  BASCOM or projects that use BASCOM.
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AdaleK offers workshop/training in digital electronics (embedded systems, robotics, automation...) in the form of group workshops or individual tailored to your needs, recreational or professional. A little theoretical part followed by several examples of applications are used to present each time what a program must do. Entertaining or useful, all the exercises are based on the the ATM18 board (Elektor) or Minimod18 (Elektor) and BASCOM-AVR. All these exercises are successful solid bricks for the implementation of your achievements only limited by your imagination, that is to say unlimited :-) Feel free to embark on this fascinating science that is the programmable electronics and discover the spectacular possibilities of these wonderful microcontrollers !
     Portuguese BASCOM tutorial
This course is destined to all who want to join the world of the microcontrolers (MCUs) AVR, but who do not find literature in Portuguese.
     2004/04 - Nuts & Volts - R/C LAP TIMER/COUNTER
R/C LAP TIMER/COUNTER Have evidence to back up your legendary R/C performance. by: Alonzo Trueland
     EdW Magazine projects and articles
Elektronika dla Wszystkich (a Polish magazine) has published articles since 2000. You can find code, PCB's, etc.
     Deutsche BASCOM Forum
Hier findet ihr ein neues sehr gut besuchtes Bascom-Forum für den Bereich Mikrocontroller und Robotik. Schwerpunkt dieser Seite sind unter anderem AVR-Programmierung und das basteln autonomer Roboter . Hier werden nicht nur Bascom-Tips und Program
     Circuit Cellar
Circuit Cellar is a mazine that is in my top 3 of mags. I am reading many magazines but CC is one of the magazine I like most. It is one of the first magazines that is available in PDF format too.