Monday, 20 January 2020
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Products created with BASCOM

The purpose of this page is to show products that were developed with BASCOM-8051 or BASCOM-AVR.
While there are developers and managers that believe you can only develop professional programs with ASM or C, MCS Electronics believes that the program/product is as good as the developer.

When Visual Basic was introduced, many C programmers moved from C to VB. There are now millions of VB programmers. But still VB/BASIC does not get the credits is deserves. There always seems to miss a function that is in another language.

The products on this page show that BASIC can be used to develop professional products. It is not the BASIC that makes a professional product, but the developers! 

The following commercial products were developed with BASCOM.

  Web Link Hits by Thomas Jensen
uCtrl Projects using the Windows basic compiler BASCOM-AVR created by Thomas Jensen
     Cyrod CRD89C51RD Development tool/Programmer
The board Agacles is an applications development tool with the microcontrollers CRD89C51RD & CRD89C512RD of Cyrod. The board has all the necessary circuitry to allow immediate operation. To program the microcontroller a programmer is not required because the microcontroller has an ISP programming interface.The software used to program the microcontroller is provided for free. The great advantage of the board Agacles is that it is compatible with the popular programming language BASCOM 8051.
     Telerein - Unique Equestrian Coaching Tool
A TeleRein Coach will be interested in asking their riders to work in harmony with their horses. They will understand the International Scale of Training and appreciate the need for tactful application of the aids, encouraging a light elastic contact with the horse’s mouth. TeleRein can be used to help any level of rider, even one with unsteady hands who rides at a novice level. Most riders are even slightly one-sided, and their master hand will usually, but not always be more sympathetic than the other, which the rider will not be aware of until shown this through TeleRein. The transmitter and receiver are based on the Nordic nRF24L01, with loop antennas to avoid problems with detuning near large objects, notable the horse and the human hand. The processors used are the 168P. Small load cells are inserted between the bit and the reins to record the strain. The load cells are factory self calibrated against temperature drift, and the values m and c from y=mx+c stored in EEPROM. This makes use of BASCOMS floating point routines. An ADC digitizes the data from both load cells, and transmits it up to 60m to the receiver, where a dual row of LEDs indicates the rein tension. Li-ion batteries and chargers are built in. Multiple receivers may be used, one for example could be hand held, while the other might be in a fixed location uploading data to a PC via the built in USB port.
     MiniVega - low cost AT90USB1287 PCB
Mini vega is education tool for school, university and so on.
     Automatic Pill Dispenser
Jan Wante created an Automatic Pill Dispenser. You can view all the details at Instructables. This is a good looking and smart designed dispenser. You can also vote for Jan in the Health Contest.
     The Freedom Reader
The Freedom Reader is a low vision reading aid developed by two brothers, John and Mark Kahrhoff. They are establishing this site to share their invention, to provide utilities for the visually impaired to better access printed information, and to establish a community to exchange ideas for how they can better include the blind and visually impaired in the information revolution the world is experiencing now. On this website you will find technical specifications about their device and computer applications they have written to make its functionality more robust. All of this is OPEN SOURCE.
     Wind Watcher by Tom Ellis
Atmel TV made a news items about the Wind Watcher. Here is the directors uncut version : "Unfortunately, the following ideas were edited and were not in the AVR interview. That being said, I felt compelled to say: Thanks for all the support provided to me over the years. The most important factors in my wind turbine development were: 1. Rapid development 2. High thru put Bascom has afforded me both of these options. As you know, my background is in electrical engineering (not computer science). By just knowing the process, I was able to quickly achieve my goals with Bascom without the cryptic learning curve of other compilers. Thanks again and congratulations on such a great product !" All inquries send to: Tom Ellis Well-Being 2878 Tenderfoot Hill St. Colorado Springs, Co. 80906 Ph: 719-339-1701
     The A-One
While only the PS/2 keyboard controller was made with BASCOM-AVR by Ben Zijlstra and Franz Achatz, this product deserves a place here since it is a great initiative to recreate the Apple-I.
     Biljart/Pool Scoreboard with Remote Control.
This Scoreboard has been developed by ZNAB. It has a remote control with 434 mHz tx-module, and works with powerdown mode on 4 standard AAA batteries. The LED-display's are 57 mm heigh , 7 segments with bright light, high rendement. You do not need a manual to use this ScoreBoard : it is so simple to control that anyone can do it. There is an option to get a customized frontpanel. This makes it perfect to add logo's of sponsors to the front panel.
     Candle Automation Ltd.
Candle design team is constantly working to reduce complex control infrastructures to user friendly interfaces. Their newest product, the Butler, utilizing advanced speech recognition to control an X10 based home lighting system
     Thomas Gruenberg
Thomas Gruenberg and his company developed a Fri-Check meter. Take a look at to see this new amazing product!
     Lynndon Harnell, consultant
I call it toneSCADA, and it uses the 8880 DTMF chip to send data over any old 2 way radio (in my case I am using UHF cb's). Just plug it into the mic and ext speaker sockets and away it goes. The data rate is not that high, but I expect it to be ultra-reliable. The data is 12 bit and 2 channels from an LTC1298. I can post relay sites at maybe up to 10km intervals, so it is really limited only by the number of relay sites and transmission distance.
     Hall Research Technologies, Inc
The Model TVB-200 converts a TV signal to VGA for display on PC monitors. The unit provides multiple TV video inputs (2 RCA and one S-Video) all with their own corresponding Stereo Audio inputs.
     Intellecta Technologies
Intellecta Technologies, developed a course for teachers. BASCOM-AVR is used to teach bring you up to date with the latest micro controllers.
GSM-DT, is a diagnostic-tool for MCS-Elevator-Controlsystems. This device can be recording a serial SVT datastreams from up to 8 subsystems, and stopped by a custom defined fault condition. In addition, a SMS message can be send automatically to the service-engineer with selectable system informations in case of fault condition.
     Spectrochem Instruments Pvt. Ltd.
Spectrochem Instruments Pvt. Ltd. has designed the state of the art On-Line weather & Air pollution monitoring station. This is a great example of well designed hardware that is looking good too.Here you can view the brochure. For enquiries email to
     Arcom Communications
Arcom Communications developed the state of the art 'RC-210 Advanced Repeater Controller'. The advantage of this unique product is that the firmware optional can be changed by the user using BASCOM-AVR.
     Ameritherm Inc.
Ameritherm Inc. developed the HOTSHOT, A Whole New Approach To Small Part Heating as the call it. And indeed i never saw a heater like this before. This company proofs that you do not need an expensive C-compiler to create a professional product.
Techniku developed a state of the art intelligent motor controller for motorized blinds. The I2 . While we are not allowed to give other information, this product makes excellent and efficient use of the used processor. The I2 is CE approved. This is from the brochure : Intelligence Interface (I ) - Add the ultimate in flexible electronic packages to provide advanced integration and control to any simple window covering motor application (including Techniku’s basic automation). Enhance versatile automation with this small, aesthetic unit that supports all communication to and from the automated window covering. The I 2 ports include power/motor connections, receiver options (IR or RF) and switch capabilities. When you compare the chip with the features put into the I2 , one would think the developer would have used some (or more) ASM code. But he used only BASIC !
     Dashboard display simulator
BASCOM is used to control the dashboard display speedo etc in a BMW which is used in a driving simulator. This is a good example of a big project that combines various techniques.
     The "Mignon Game Kit"
The “Mignon Game Kit” is a kitset which enables a minimalist “Gameboy” to be individually designed, programmed and constructed.
Workshops and online instructions enable advanced learners to invent and programme their own games. In this way the d
     An Oil-usage meter
An Oil-usage meter. German text. A good example of a project that can be done with the free DEMO as the author(db2emu) is using the 90S2313. Circuit and BASCOM-AVR source code.
     Interpreter written by Bostjan Suhel
An interpreter written by Bostjan Suhel, select Tolmac. Page in Slovenian language but most if it you will understand.