Monday, 20 January 2020
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Projects using BASCOM
The following links show how BASCOM-8051 or BASCOM-AVR  was used in a project.

  Web Link Hits
     Interesting projects in Polish language
Interesting projects in Polish language by Jacek Pruciak
     O-Family's website (JP)
Many Technical articles (in JP language) * Graphic LCD Osciloscope (2 different versions) * Graphic LCD Logic Analyser * Graphic LCD RS232 Terminal * Real Time Clock * Frequency Counter (3 different versions) * DDS * Clock (RTC), Thermometer * Am Radio Transmitter * SHT11/DHT22 Clock, Thermometer & Humidity * CLock, Barometer with Weather Forecast * Lotto Game * LED Tachometer * Remoter Control RGB Light Dimmer * Also Model Train Projects
     Cyrod CRD89C51RD Development tool/Programmer
The board Agacles is an applications development tool with the microcontrollers CRD89C51RD & CRD89C512RD of Cyrod. The board has all the necessary circuitry to allow immediate operation. To program the microcontroller a programmer is not required because the microcontroller has an ISP programming interface.The software used to program the microcontroller is provided for free. The great advantage of the board Agacles is that it is compatible with the popular programming language BASCOM 8051.
     Menu system for standard LCD
This is a menu system for standard alphanumerical LC-displays. To navigate through the menu, only 3 buttons are needed: Forward, Backward and Menu/Enter (or a rotary encoder with push button). You can make multiple nested sub-menus, hidden menus (not supported by the designer yet), function calls and display or edit different value types (Bit, Byte, Word, Integer, DWord, Long, Single, Double, String).
     CO2-Mess-Station im Musée des Mines, Rumelange
Measuring the CO2 concentration in the gallery.
     Alarm clock project
This is my first project to program a micro-controller. For this project I have used an ATMEGA8 micro-controller and BASCOM as programming language. You can use BASCOM IDE for free, as long as the code for the Micro-controller stays under the 4kb limit.
BahBots hobby robotics site, all samples are written in BASCOM.
     Project OPEN-GPS
The aim of this project is a "relatively" simple and Cheap Handheld GPS. Developing of navigation platform is completely open source.
     Intelligent Infrared security wall with communication bus.
Smart Alarm designed an infrared wall which can be fully controlled by RS485 bus. Every beam strength can be checked and a control unit programmed in a bascom can givean alarm in case 1 or more beams are broken. Since all beam statuses are know it is possible to react differently depending on the size or the place the beam is broken. Large walls can be constructed by combining and synchronizing 60 m walls.
     Homemade 3d printer
Blog about rebuild the 3d printer to make it easyer to build with standard tools and off the shelf hardware, it started out with a regular lexmark desktop printer, he is doing it on his spare time and it will take some time to get it done, so check back often to see how this project is going.Here is the short specs for it: Parts Bulding size 6.5 x 4.5 x 4 inches/Driven by 2 nema 23 step motors/3 step motor drives needed
     WJ8888/B2 receiver board with AT90S8535
Blog with some interesting projects based on BASCOM and using it with WJ8888/B2 receiver.
     Underwater ROV submarine camera version
This web page will detail the build process, and parts, what is used to build an Underwater ROV with video camera.Project is powered by BASCOM-AVR and ATMEL AVR MEGA32.
     Henrik Reimers AVR Experiments
Site in German language with well explained experiments. Harware and modules available too.
     Lowcost Rastertunnelmicroscope
A low cost tunnel raster microscope.
     Pulse meter
Velimir Cvetkovic made a pulse meter. Details and source on his project page
     Robotics and BASCOM
Robotics and BASCOM related site. Servo control articles intended for beginners. Detailled information.
     BASCOM code snippets, projects
BASCOM code snippets, projects, programming software from Knut Baardsen
     Bots And Bytes
Bots And Bytes. This is a new Robotic site with articles, code etc.
     Scooby Monitor
Scooby Monitor, by Andrew Carr, a car monitor/computer for your Subaru. Many details and pictures available which will make it easy to construct your own.
     DIY Aquarium Controller
DIY Aquarium Controller, by Kevin Carson. Not only bascom code, but a good step by step explanation. Will interface to the IIM7010 ethernet module too.
     Wim Hager's MOWBOT site
Wim Hager's MOWBOT site. From now on you will be happy to mow the grass. Circuit's, PDF's, source, amusing to watch too.