Friday, 21 February 2020
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AN #108 - BASCOM-AVR Hotchip cable Print
BASCOM-AVR Hotchip cable

Application note provider by Mark Voevodin  

I recently downloaded BASCOM-AVR ( to try with the Hotchip AVR ( Dick Smith in Australia distributes the Hotchip, and I believe there are other distributors overseas.  

I found a pin out diagram for the Sample Electronics programmer on Dontronics web page. By comparing the pin outs for Hotchip with Sample Electronics I determined that only two pins are different. Pin 3 on Hotchip is same as Pin 5 on Sample Electronics, and Pin 10 is same as Pin 11. I have made a crossover 25-pin plug that swaps these pins, and I can now use Bascom-AVR to program the Hotchip (using original parallel cable supplied with the Hotchip). I could have modified the original cable, but I wanted to be able to use the original ABC software that came with the Hotchip. This design allows me to do both. The reverse pin outs could be used to allow the ABC software to be used with other AVR modules.

BASCOM-AVR {Sample Electronics config} to Hotchip AVR cable

Connect a wire from the DB25M pin 2 to the DB25F pin 2  

Connect a wire from the DB25M pin 4 to the DB25F pin 4 

Connect a wire from the DB25M pin 5 to the DB25F pin 3 

Connect a wire from the DB25M pin 11 to the DB25F pin 10

DB25Maleconnector  DB25Femaleconnector  Description
Pin 2, D0 Pin 2, D0 MOSI 
Pin 4, D2 Pin 4, D2 RESET 
Pin 5, D3 Pin 3, D1 CLOCK 
Pin 11, busy Pin 10  MISO 
Pin 18-25, ground Pin 18-25, ground GND 

Note that pin 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25 of the DB25 male connector must be connected to pin 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25 of the DB25 female connector. Other pins can be optionally connected straight through. 

The DB25M connector matches the simple cable programmer design from Sample Electronics.

Based on diagram found at 

DB25Male side of this adapter goes into parallel port, original Hotchip parallel programming cable plugs into the DB25Female side. 

Set  BASCOM-AVR to use Sample Electronics programmer and you are ready to go! 

As an alternative you can select the Hotchip programmer from the Universal MCS Programmer Interface. Mark Voedin has created the settings and tested them.

Here is Mark's tip:


Add the following lines to the file prog.settings


;tested and ok






Save these changes.

Start BASCOM, Select the Universal MCS Programmer Interface and select the HotChip entry you created.

After you have selected an entry, save your settings and exit BASCOM. At the next startup of BASCOM, the settings will be used.  

The following picture of the LPT port connector and related registers is very handy :

Mark Voevodin