Wednesday, 24 July 2019
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AN #04 - Reading the Dallas temperature sensor DS1821 Print
Reading the Dallas temperature sensor DS1821

Here is a good example on how to read the Dallas DS1821.
It is written by Denis Bernard.

Download source code in Bas file

 ' Written by Denis Bernard

' 1 wire communication with Dallas temperature sensor DS1821
' small PR35 Package, 3 pin , 2$. See Conrad elec.(europe)
' Temperatures are printed in degres when >-1 , <125
' for temperature <0 , 256 - Temp_buf will give from -55 to -1

$crystal = 24000000 : $baud = 2400
Config 1wire = P3.3 'use P3.3 for 1 wire communication
Enable Int1 : Enable Interrupts 'Int1 optional (24MHz)
Dim Temp_buf As Byte , Stat_buf As Byte

Print Err ' optional
&H0C ' write status
&B01000010 ' continu convertion

&HEE ' start conversion

&HAA ' get temperature
= 1wread()

' optional
&HAC ' optional read status
= 1wread() ' optional 82 when DS1821 run

Print Temp_buf ; " " ; Stat_buf ; " " ; Tcon ' temperature is Temp_buf

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'Note that int1 pin is used because of the 24 Mhz Crystal
'this slow-down the communication (with out Isr code) just enough.
'make sure Tcon.2 (IT1) remain zero. if not [ Reset tcon.2 ]
'with a 12 MHh crystal any pin can be used and no need for interrupt.

' DS1821 pin1 = Gnd / pin2 = data in/out / pin 3 = +5v
' tested on Bascom-8151 + Bascom Lt