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M128LM CPU module
M128LM CPU module
EUR 49.61

EUR 313.39


BASCOM TV short review

This is a photo of the TV display function working on a flat panel LCD TV set
The actual display is perfectly straight, some distortion is seen here caused by the camera optics.

Company licence (unlimited copies for company use) now available for commercial use. Includes built & tested board, pre-programmed sample IC, TV generation software module including all pixel data which can be edited, plus full support from the developer by phone and e-mail.

TV Code Features:

* Generates a 55 column color TV character display from an AVR MPU without any extra ICs
* Connects via a standard SCART socket giving a sharp RGB output signal (not composite video)
* Flexible RAM use - display RAM can be as large or small as needed
* Completely interrupt driven software - transparent to user
* Character pixel data can be edited or replaced by the user to allow custom characters

The TV software can be customized to special user requirements (e.g. differing character sizes) but is time critical machine code.

ICs supported:

This code is for the ATMega 48/88/168/328 ICs. A PCB is available for testing and / or production. The code can be ported to other ATMega AVR ICs which have 512 bytes or more RAM, and a clock of 16-20 MHz.

BASCOM versions:

When using the company licence (which allows as many copies as you need) you will also require a registered copy of BASCOM to allow sufficient Flash program memory for most projects, as the binary include file for the TV output code is 2.5K, leaving only 1.5K of available space for your program out of the 4K maximum space allowed in the demo version of BASCOM.


The software and hardware is made by Eximia Projects.
Your order will be shipped from the UK, directly from the manufacturer.
You will receive a binary include file.
You will also receive a free development board PCB. This board is used in production and does not has an ISP connector. But it has a tested processor and all other components. All you need is to connect 5V and a TV and it will show a demo.

This product can be found in our shop - BASCOM TV Company Licence

Support is included in the cost of the development package. You can be assured that this support will smooth your way to producing a product with a TV output - you will not be left to struggle on your own.
Before purchasing the package you might want to E-mail to check if the TV software will be compatible with your planned product, for example if there are many interrupts running or a heavy CPU load.

If you want to use a different Atmel AT Mega IC to the one the software is designed for (AT Mega 48 / 88 / 168 / 328) the first step to take is to contact Eximia Projects and let me know what your design requires. I can then  let you know what extra steps you will need to take (if any) to get the TV software to work with any specific hardware. You can contact Graham Carnell at

How to use BASCOM with the TV software module

The TV display is very simple to use from a programming point of view.
As it runs entirely within the ATMega chip, it uses internal RAM to hold the display data. This means that all you have to do to write to the display is write bytes to the RAM which is allocated to the TV screen area.