Friday, 10 July 2020
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Einfacher Einstieg in die Elektronik mit AVR-Mikrocontroller und BASCOM (DE) Print
Autor: Stefan Hoffmann

Titel : Einfacher Einstieg in die Elektronik mit AVR-Mikrocontroller und BASCOM
Untertitel : Systematische Einführung und Nachschlagewerk mit vielen Anregungen
Autor: Stefan Hoffmann
Verlag : BoD
Preis : 54,- Euro
Seitenzahl : 676
ISBN : 978-3-8391-8430-1
Inhaltsbeschreibung :
Dieses Buch zeigt Schritt für Schritt, wie sich mit Mikrocontrollern elektronische Schaltungen realisieren lassen ohne tief in die Theorie der Elektronik einsteigen zu müssen.
Dabei werden konsequent AVR-Mikrocontroller und die Programmierumgebung BASCOM verwendet.
Das Buch bietet dem Einsteiger in Selbststudium oder Lehre eine systematische Einführung und dient dem Fortgeschrittenen als  strukturiertes Nachschlagewerk.

This book offers a step by step introduction about how electronic circuits can be implemented using mikrocontrollers without having to deep dive into the theory of electronics.
Consequently AVR-Mikrocontrollers and the Development Environment BASCOM are used.
The book gives students a systematically introduction and the advanced user also gets a book of reference.

Table of contents in PDF can be downloaded here

This is a book in the German language!
It is available in the MCS web shop.
Some more information about book can be found here :

You do not need extensive knowledge about electronics or programming. The book is well written and there are many examples. If you have basic knowledge about electronics (what is a diode, and how to use a LED and transistor) then you can already use this book to get familiar with AVR processors and BASCOM.
Each time an electronic part is used and then multiple simple BASCOM samples demonstrate how to use the part.  Not only the simpler electronic parts are explained first, but also the simpler BASCOM statements.
This makes it easy for the beginner to learn and understand. You get more experience after each sample.

Most samples use an ATTINY13, ATTINY44 or ATMEGA8 processor. The DEMO version well suited for these micro's.

The book also covers more complex hardware and samples. From a beginners perspective you can see this book as an excellent learning book.
The advanced user can use this book as a 'Micro Cook Book' . There are many nice projects.

While the small projects source code can be typed over from the book, i would recommend the optional CD-ROM for the more advanced projects.

Review by Mark Alberts, MCS