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AN #158 - LED Runstring Print
Rubashka Vasiliy , Ukraine , 2007

This line differs from other only  software both on the part of computer, and on the part of controller is written on Basic.

The Scheme of the particularities has not. By means of converter level on transistor is organized unilateral relationship with PC. The Controller takes the text, brings it in nonvolatile memory EEPROM and in dynamic mode removes in shift registers. The Assemblies transistor of key give more powerful output, and for low brightness from them possible to refuse. The Program of the controller in main cycle expects the appearances of the symbol "S" whereupon occurs boot data. After her(its) completions are read importance amount sent symbol and current velocity. Are they hereinafter read first 7 symbols, and him are then and there assigned given from code table. Why seven? It is organized as 8х8 pixels, at length of the line 48 are contained 6 symbols. Seven necessary to do its  to shift. Hereon program scanned from code table data, consecutively loads in registers of the shift, includes the key of the first line, bears the necessary pause, switches off the key, the following portion data, the following key and etc until will pass all eight lines. Moves the row, and are newly brought given in registers moreover if in the first event were removed importance column with 1 on 48, that is here removed with 2 on 49. Then with 3 on 50 and finally with 9 on 56. Here is why  necessary seven symbols! As a result we have shifted the text on one . Now necessary to shift the text on one symbol, and consider the symbols with the second on eighth. Hereinafter procedure is repeated by the circle.

Due to dynamic unrolling, the text moves is much sailing, as it are goes on trundle, no  bulges of the letters, but mark their slopping that, in general that does not spoil whole picture, but will add its original piquancy.

Instead of specified register possible to use others, specialized and not much, only on current approached (but its under off-duty factor 8 will much more be a standard static).

That has shown the results? Under correct building of the algorithm to manage to get wholly worker design, visual not yielding industrial picture. Until it was written program-loader, text was flooded in EEPROM manually, from prepared in notepad file. On the first time sound helped. Some letters in table symbol until it is added. But their visual coding allows doing this itself, even completely changing the font.


Circuit in real:

Example of PC application:

Source code for BASCOM-AVR and for Visual Basic 6 is not published here because they are too long, all this file you can find in ZIP archive of this AN.