Tuesday, 14 July 2020
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EUR 119.79

BASCOM-8051 (Download version)
BASCOM-8051 (Download version)
EUR 107.69


SimmStick - Dontronics SimmStick Print
MCS Electronics is Dontronics SimmStick dealer for Holland and Belgium


MCS Electronics is Dontronics SimmStick dealer for Holland and Belgium. You can find out more about this amazing platform at :

Other information can be found at

Important : although most SimmStick pictures shown are assembled boards, every SimmStick is delivered as a bare board without components.


SimmStick PCB's



  DT101 SimmStick PicStic, 1 inch
DT104 SimmStick Atmel 20 pin, 1 inch
DT201 SimmStick Prototype board, 1 inch
  PIC001, 1 inch
  PIC002, 1 inch
  PIC003, 1 inch
DT107 Atmel 40 pin micro on a SimmStick, 2 inch. Replaces the DT103.
DT202 SimmStick Prototype board, 2 inch
DT203 LED's and switches, 2 inch
DT204 Extender board, 2 inch
  PIC004, 2 inch
DT001 SimmStick Dev. platform and cheap programmer
  DT002 Parallel printer port expansion board
DT003 SimmStick Power supply, RS-232 and 4 slot bus
DT004 SimmStick Power Supply and Printer Port Platform
DT205 SimmStick 2.5 inch relay board
  DT206 AT89C2051 and SPI Flash Programmer

Copyright 1997-2000 LAWICEL

SIMM100 SimmStick 2.5 inch AVR 90S8535 board.

The picture shows the Simm100 board mounted with an AT90S8535,
MAX232, MAX701, Reset button and IDC connectors for RS-232, ADC and ISP (In
System Progammable). To improve EMI, the board has a ground layer and a
separate ground layer for the ADC for a stable Analog Conversion.



SIMM101 is an embedded microcontroller board built upon the SimmStick standard with surface mounted technique to get a small layout with only the core functions of a Microcontroller (AT90S2313) with minimal peripherals (Reset, RS232 Tranceivers and Power) and to leave a big sea of holes for your own prototyping.


Further more the SIMM101 is backwards compatible with the DT104 from Dontronics (wires from microcontroller to SimmStick bus and the RS232 signals), so it is easy to migrate to the new SMD technology. To program the SIMM101 is easy, since it support ISP (In System Programming) via the SimmStick bus and a good programming platform is the DT006 board.


Finally the SIMM101 can be powered with either +5VDC or 7-18VDC since there is an on board voltage regulator (5V/100mA) that can be enabled via a 2mm jumper (J1 is OPEN from factory i.e. 5VDC Power supply).

DT208 SimmStick Adapter Board.
DT108 SimmStick Video. 

Download Bascom-8051 version of the "simmvid.bas" file in zip format.
Download Bascom-AVR version of the "vidavr.bas" file in zip format. This is the AVR version of the DT108 software for serial to video (9600 baud). The 24MHz crystal needs to be replaced with a 10Mhz one for the AVR.
Download the data sheet for the STV5730A video chip in PDF format.
Download the circuit diagram in PDF format.