Saturday, 17 March 2018
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New system for user accounting/managment Print
Please read this carefully before registering as a user, using the "Shop" or using "Product Register system" !
With the new website we introduce a new system for user account managment. Please read this article before registering or using services on this website to prevent any confusing or problems.

The new website can be divided into some parts :
  • Main web site - the main website with all information/articles  
  • Forum - it is used to share your questions or ideas with other users. It is free for everybody
  • Online webshop - for online shopping
  • Product Register - this system is dedicated for legal users to online register their purchased products. When registered, you can get product updates.
  • Support system - this system is dedicated for legal users. DEMO users can read the Knowledge Base articles.

The New site has 2 independend user account systems.

The First system is used in these parts of the website : Main Website, Forum and Webshop.
User registration is not required if you want to browse and read website,forum or shop.
User registration is required only if you want to post topics or place an order in the Shop. User registration is made in two steps :
  •  First registration - create new username, add email address and password, optionaly fill other data like ICQ, MSN address or similar. With this account you can post topics in the forum.  
  •  Second registration - second stage is not really a "registration" but it is only filling in additional information reguired for the shop (billing info/shipping address..). This registration is provided automaticly when you add an item to the cart and go to the checkout procces, if not have filled additional data yet the Shop will ask for it. But this info is only asked once.

The Second system is used here : Product register and Support system.
These services are provided only to legal users of MCS products.

Product register allows you to register the purchased products like BASCOM. This system is independed from the main site and first user accounting system.
Users register to this system with "Product register" and the registration must be approved by MCS.
With this account you have access to the latest information, you can download LIC files needed for updates and you have access to the Support system where you can post questions or read Knowledge Base articles.

We hope this new system will make your life Easy!

The MCS Team