Friday, 21 February 2020
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AN #136 - SmartCard4 Electronic Lock Print
SmartCard4 Electronic Lock

This AN is written by Rudi Slejkovec.  It shows how you can use the smartcards in your wallet to create a real SmartLock.


Rudi can be reached at the BASCOM user list.


The electronic lock SmartCard4 is easy to make and set up, it is small and easy to use.
An additional advantage to its safety is the fact that a connector of chip cards is set up on the external part of the door or the garage door, whereas the electronics is set up on the internal part.
In this way a physical access to the electronics is not possible.
Similar products of other well-known companies have the electronics and the connector of chip cards set up on the external part of the door.
In this case the safety is ensured only if a reader of chip cards is connected to a house alarm device, which is then connected with the appropriate security company.

The PDF from Rudi are very clear and contain everything you need to create the SmartLock4.
As the PDF is so complete, there is little other info at this page.

You can download the complete PDF with BASCOM-AVR source here.