Wednesday, 15 July 2020
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newsflash.jpg The latest news from the MCS Electronics
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Item Title Hits
BASCOM-AVR 2083 44
Wizznet Configurator 789
DDS AD9850 Controller for Arduino LCD Keypad Shield 955
DDS AD9833 Controller for Arduino LCD Keypad Shield 862
CAN-bus library for general CAN-bus controller chip MCP2515 1476
Micro RC5 remote on Tiny13/Tiny25 1127
Snowflakes spark effect for Rainbowleds 140
Point in polygon function and kml placemark test 554
XMEGA-A3BU Xplained board contrast adjustment 487
Pixel to DATA 374
EA DOGM204 nice 20x4 ultraslim display 460
Amazing PixelStick projects using BASCOM. 553
SMD Placement Machine Pick and Place with BASCOM 481
2.8inch 65K FullColorLCD 240x320 1114
Simplest Freq/Duty generator and measure 912
BASCOM-AVR 2081 Patch (Win10) 4916
FPM10A/DY50 fingerprint reader module 1153
Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor [SKU:SEN0193] 1248
User update for I2C OLED display library "glcdSSD1306-I2C.lib" 3048
APDS-9960 1271
New DEMO 3434
Der Zug der Zeit 3120
Logic checker 1459
Intel 8051 MCU STC90C516RD+ DR100W Project Introduction Part 1 2596
New record 3097
HMC5883L and QMC5883L (3 axis compass) 1536
LCD Keypad Shield (ADC Keypad) 887
VS1053 MP3 decoder 813
RFM69 simple to use library and code example 1804
nRF24 simple to use multilink library 842
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